Monday, June 29, 2009

more firsts

hmm. what have i been up to...what have we been doing...just business as usual. not much going on. it's one thousand degrees. so we don't go out. except when we take a family trip to florida just in time for the groundbreaking hottest days in florida history. thankyouverymuch. it was a great first trip to the beach for R and C. they loved. and i loved it for two days. and then i was ready to not have to rescue sand from peoples' crevices and sweat, not just to the oldies, but all. the. time. oh and C and R went to their first movie a la movie theater! are you curious? it. was. awesome. (and it was, obvi, curious george). we came. we sat. we saw. we ate our weights in popcorn. and we made it through the entire movie! i was fully prepared for a fight and a departure and another fight b/c C would not want the departure. but it was all harmony. i even got the soundtrack to remind us of our success. oh, another first...first baseball game. and i thought our first year was our year of firsts. third year? firsts o' plenty. i ate a hot dog (for shame!). let's not talk about contents. and how i don't really eat meat. and when i randomly decide to randomly eat a meat product, i go for just the by-products. the nastiest of the nasty. and then i share it with my children. and it.was.awesome. i doused it with ketchup, mustard, and relish, so there was only a hint of hot dog flavor. um... am i talking more about a hot dog than my kids? i think so. but it was probably the beer. the beer helped. anywho. first, first, first. and they're giant people. real bonafide humans. they use words like "actually" and "although" correctly in sentences. i've been thinking this whole time that it may be easier to have two kids going through the same stages at the same time. rather than, let's say, a toddler and newborn. that sounds hard. to me. so i'm all...hey, teething at the same time! check! it's bad. and then it's done. hey, diapers at the same time! check! it's bad. and then it's done. and why am i now thinking 15 years ahead when they will both graduate from high school. at the same time. hey, childhood at the same time! check! it's happy. and then. it's. done. waitasecond. no need to stress now. but it just reminds me. even in the middle of a bad. i'm going to cling to it. even amidst cryingscreamy time, sometimes accompanied by stomping of feet, i'm going to hold on to it. because that stage will be gone with the others (please). and then it will be high school. and i'm not in a hurry. even though i'm currently thinking about halloween costumes (um, october) and birthday party (um, november). and a new iphone (um, next week) and wallpapering one wall in my dining room (um, never). and a hot dog.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

diapers or car?

"oh, those are the expensive ones" said a mommy at the library after she borrowed one of C and R's seventh generation diapers.
later i watched her get into her range rover.
and even later...i had a thought.
maybe if i switched to a cheaper diaper, i could get a new car.
maybe diapers are the only thing holding me back!
maybe i should have used newspaper this whole time.

apparantly these are the only people who can afford seventh generation diapers.
but this is the car i want:
really i just want to load the kids in, roll down the windows, and sing "i think i love you" really loudly.