Sunday, January 24, 2010

round here

we always stand up straight

well, maybe not "we" as in people. but definitely "we" as in our belongings. this is how things show up in our house. yes, someone has an affinity for order. and i don't just mean me. makes me feel warm inside though. no snuggie necessary.
of course, also round here we talk just like lions (or monsters. roar.). ohmygosh. maybe we are a counting crows song. thank everything we don't stay up very, very, very, very late.
wait. a. second.
ok i'm back.
i had to check out some more counting crows lyrics. scratch that. ever paid attention to counting crows lyrics? depressing. not childlike footloose fancy free at all. at. all. more like i'm alone. i've been laying on the floor. i love someone who left me. i'm depressed. i'm trying to get sober. blah blah blah. this is not what we are about. at all. and don't go thinking mrs. potter's lullaby is any better. or anything lullaby. crying, sorrow, rejection. nothankyou. this makes tori amos seem cheerful. anyhoot, it is pretty entertaining to enter a room and see that the order fairy has paid a visit.
that's the yin.
here's the yang:
shoetastrophe. clearly the catastrophe fairy has paid a visit.
ok i'm not over this counting crows thing. i know. so 90's. but how did i not know that every song was deeeeepressing. seriously. i challenge you, dear reader to come up with a happy counting crows song. or line of a song. it's hard. and i must now drown myself in carebears and "these are days" by 10,000 maniacs to make myself feel better. OMG i said drown myself! see? see?! depressing. what am i talking about? i'll play candyland too. that will help. candyland. carebears. happy music. and i'll organize something.
enter smiley emoticon here.