Saturday, May 8, 2010

i only have brain space for four thoughts. awesome.

random thoughts of the moment:

1. last night at a movie a stranger thought i was part of a group of high school girls. i was flattered that he thought i looked so young. or. OR. what if he thought i was their mom?

2. a slip n' slide is not nearly as fun when you have boobs. just FYI.

3. go away flatty flat sandals of the season. particularly the ones full of beads and/or bling. i am 5'2". after years and years (and years except for my recent hiatus from stilettos for the safety of the two babies i was likely carrying/pushing/shuffling) and flat shoes are less comfortable to me than stilettos. for real.

4. i am on a quest to find the following items:

a. i really want harem pants. don't judge. i don't want mc hammer harem pants. but i DO want the ones that are tight with the big pockets. those are cute. no silk. no jewel tones. you can't touch this.

b. good exfoliator that does not rank at an 8 (out of 10) on the toxic list. (if you do not know about this, you must.

c. karaoke set list so i can begin preparing for a one-night only appearance in NYC. tickets are going fast.

d. robert downey, jr. you know. just in case someone on the interwebs has a connection. hey, you never know.

don't just talk amongst yourselves (or to yourself) here people. please share.

hate you

love you


Lena said...

i love it!

Lena said...

P.S. I'm 5'5" and I hate, hate hate the flat sandal trend too.

Jami Stigliano said...

where are yall going karaoke? My favorite karaoke jams include:
- Since U Been Gone
- Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
- Islands in the Stream (duet)


Smooch said...

does exfoliator really count? it is only on your face for 30 seconds. Can't I just ignore that one?

Karaoke: Hole- Celebrity Skin, Gwen Stefani (hollaback girl)