Sunday, November 8, 2009

excuse me

for not blogging lately but i've been separating white smarties out of individual smarties packages. and let me tell you, in case you were wondering: there may or may not be even one freaking white smartie in each little pack. unroll unroll unroll. unroll unroll unroll. one white smartie. thank you very much. 73 packages later (which equals exactly 60 white cookie monster eye whites)...voila! this obsessive compulsive thing does pay off every now and then.
cookie decorating by approximately 15 in the under 3 crowd. booming success. of. course. we chased halloween with steady flow of sugar. cookies. sugar. cupcakes. and bright blue icing. but look how cute! hopefully my kids are not being ostracized as all their friends' parents demand break ups. i sent everyone home with cookie monster toothbrushes though! can you tell i was raised on italian catholic guilt?
why do i feel like they're looking at me?


Rowdy Girls Mama said...

you rocked the cupcakes. they are adorable! the toothbrushes are the new item to refuse to relinquish around the Rowdy house. score!

LauraT said...

Oh, those are freakin adorable!