Wednesday, February 4, 2009

that's so funny, i forgot to laugh

i used to have giggle fits. laughing fits. like uncontrollable laughter resulting in tears and difficulty breathing. ever since i was little. and it would be over something totally random. and not that funny to other people, apparently. so i would giggle fit all by myself. but because i was too busy laughing, i didn't care that i was going solo. it has lessened and lessened over the years. but every once in a while, it will still hit me. it was bad news bears back in like the 7th grade when teachers would reward me with report cards bearing the number 23. distracts others. (also got 22. excessive talking. no number for excessive laughing). this is oh so not about me though. i give this back story to you today because today my C had a total laughing fit. could not get his sheet together. i should have known it was coming. today our crazy dog had to get his crazy nails clipped by the veterinarian because, as i stated, he is crazy. and we can't get near him with the clippers. nor do i want to. so, he had to come with me to pick the kids up from school. being the conscientious troubleshooter that i am, i got the ball rolling with R and C yesterday. "should gus be in the car when i pick you up from school tomorrow?" (they have seen dogs in other peoples' cars and always love it). R: "OK!" C: laughlaughlaugh "YEAH" laughlaughlaugh. ok. it will be A OK. everyone will love having gus in the car. and love they did. C did. not. stop. laughing. almost the entire 20 minute car ride home. he couldn't stop. oh the joy in a 2-year-old's giggle. it's the best. and i got it for a solid 15 minutes, barring the times he paused to point out important landmarks to gus. "see townlake gus?" "gus, buildings." "struction. gus, see struction? seee it?!" "yes, honey, he sees it. he's just happy to be out smelling some new smells. and he sees it all." resume. laughlaughlaugh. and i thought. oh. my. gosh. he is a total person! well of course he is a total person. but you know when they're babies, they don't seem like real people people. you know? now they are real people people. with feelings and laughter and opinions and emotions. he recently professed his unquantifiable love for me in a rare rescue moment from nighttime slumber. (the kind some parents dread if it happens often and you're not getting any sleep. but i get a lot of sleep. knockknockknock. so this was the kind that makes me sigh and think i want to remember how little he is right now because tomorrow he's not going to be this little). as if i'm not enjoying my rescue moment already he tells me "love you so much." [meltmeltmelt]. and later i ask if he's doing ok to which he says (in a whisper because miraculously R is still sleeping) "happy. i'm happy." and he's so sweet (not just now, but all the time really. like when he cries because R gets her plate taken away from her. she's not crying because her plate got taken away from her. she kind of threw her plate. and that's why it's being taken away. you still have your food. and plate. why are you crying? and i'm not kidding that he will bump into the table and say "oh, excuse me table" with absolutely no hint of scarcasm) anyway, he's just sweet. and i have this split second picture of him in 15 years holding a boom box (because he would totally go old school like that) over his head out someone's window. he's that guy. as long as he can keep from laughing. that might ruin the moment.

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Jenny said...

Oh my sweet little Godson! I wanna kiss & squeeze him right now. You had quite the fun after we got off the phone huh??? So sweet. He is so gonna be that guy.