Friday, January 30, 2009

new low

i've hit an all new low. so i have been in allergy hell, followed by what i think is a sinus infection and what feels like a bass drum living inside my head and a nose that does no nosing. nothing in. nothing out. just stuffed. at all times. making sleep near impossible (or impossible if you don't speak spanish). all of this rolls into a not neat and not tidy package of not nice me. it's too hard to be nice right now. i'm just working on breathing. let me breathe. then i'll get to nice. additionally, my sweet sweeties have funky ears (well, only one ear is funky. the same ear on each kid. coincidence.). this makes them funky. who are these kids? they're the runny nose babies of yesteryear. they're whiny. they're grumpy. they freak out over the smallest thing. there is no winning with these two. and i get it. i mean, they're two. they probably hurt. and what else can i expect? right now i'm just thanking God that this behavior is not a normal occurrence. what if it was like this everyday? when they felt well? needless to say, we are a house of grumpy. and we're totally trapped in the house of grumpy. which just makes everyone grumpier. but today i reached a new low. and this is how i know my grumpiness is affecting R and C. i went out last night and got some new color wonder paper (btw, thank you crayola for this), knowing we all have cabin fever and will need something new and exciting in our lives. i selected one diego and one dora. the dora one is about some stupid snow princess that needed to be saved but whatev. it's all they had. i'm flipping through it, trying to make up a story, even though i know nothing of the snow princess, when i come to the page with the witch. and C points to the witch and says "mommy!" uh oh. what do you mean "mommy?" did you not just see the page prior with the youthful, beautiful snow princess? that youthful, beautiful snow princess doesn't remind you of mommy? the witch reminds you of mommy? i'd even take dora over the witch. so my slippery slope is slipping. and i better shape up. (i better understand. to their hearts i must be true). (thank you for singing along). first someone thought i looked like one of the bratz. then C or R (how can i not remember which one because whoever it was is totally my favorite) saw a picture of penelope cruz in a magazine and declared "mommy!" and now. i'm a witch. the dora witch does have long flowing hair. but she also rides on a broomstick. and was making a mean face. and is evil. she's not the good witch. if they watched the wizard of oz, i'm pretty sure which witch i would be. and not just because of a love for shoes. i've got some work to do.

you can't really see dora's witch in this picture but trust me. she's no penelope.

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RowdyGirls said...

So sorry! sick x3 sucks! And then the insult on top of injury... That's harsh.