Thursday, June 4, 2009

diapers or car?

"oh, those are the expensive ones" said a mommy at the library after she borrowed one of C and R's seventh generation diapers.
later i watched her get into her range rover.
and even later...i had a thought.
maybe if i switched to a cheaper diaper, i could get a new car.
maybe diapers are the only thing holding me back!
maybe i should have used newspaper this whole time.

apparantly these are the only people who can afford seventh generation diapers.
but this is the car i want:
really i just want to load the kids in, roll down the windows, and sing "i think i love you" really loudly.


Rowdy Girls Mama said...

Seriously...RR lady said 'the expensive ones'? Nice. Truthfully, I could have had a lot of things if not for the money we literally throw away in a diaper pail.

Christine said...

Sounds like the lady was as full of shit as the diaper. My first child is due at the end of December. I was looking at those G-Diapers, but someone told me that they don't work.I hate the idea of plastic staying around for 500 years, but can't bring myself to use cloth. Ahh,look how my ideals are tested so early on!

Shannon and Carey said...

I would sell my family for that car. I'm a VW nut.
-Shannon in Austin
Mom to Abigail and Porter
(Chrystel's friend and AMOMer)

betty said...

hi Shannon! but I don't know of it is ok to drive that car without kids... ;)