Thursday, May 14, 2009

mr. robot-o

word to the wise: don't teach your kids songs that A. you don't really know the words to, and B. contain words in another language (ie., when you find out the words you didn't know, it turns out you cannot pronounce them.) they're not in english. this is not a learning opportunity for my kids (or I) to learn a new language. that's what dora is for. how can anyone think of anything but "Mr. Roboto" when you see a robot? what else is there? the song just leaped from my lips. "do do do do do doh Mis-ter Robot-o" C and R caught onimmediately. "what's the other song?" asked C. translation: what are the words? what are the words to the song besides do do do do doh and Mister and Roboto? we got that. what else is there? mommy mental note was made. look. up. words. it should be harmless enough and if it gets raunchy i can just change the words like i did for rebel rebel by david bowie (ie., instead of "hot tramp i love you so" i simply insert a real kid's name for the "hot tramp" part. done and done. none the wiser. and before you go thinking i am crazy for introducing this song, i need you to know that the words "rebel rebel your face is a mess" also leaped from my lips one time long ago with the introduction of food. i didn't exactly plan it out. i'm sure you understand. and let us not forget how i saved the falling baby by changing the words of "rock-a-bye baby." true humanitarian.). so back to my robot-o lyrical blunder..."domo arigato, mister roboto." thankyouverymuch. literally. it means thank you. in japanese. maybe this is a learning opportunity for my kids (and me)! except. they didn't stop there. damn that styx. as if cursing our world with songs like "lady" and "come sail away" wasn't bad enough. "domo arigatou o-hima dedomo arigatou himitsu wo shiritai domo arigatou." um...shittake. what am i supposed to do with that? i just got domo arigato down. now this? apparently when mr. robot-o has time, styx would like to know what his secret is. (loose translation. by me.). and then it occurred to me. OMG WHYHAVEISPENTTHISAMOUNTOFTIMEONSTYXLYRICS? seriously. cultural enrichment aside. so here we are. i will choose my songs more carefully. i will make sure i know the lyrics. i will try to keep lyrics from leaping. i will try. suddenly i am thinking that R and C probably think i also don't know the words to that police song i keep singing to them. "da do do do da da da da." no really. that's it.
i found mr. robot-o like this in the dining room. apparently he needed a diaper change. domo arigato.


Jenny said...

That is awesome. And oh so timely. I have (to Gary's dismay) hooked Josh on Lady GaGa. Yep, he loves him some Poker Face and Just Dance. And some of those words are hard to change. And he is learning them faster than I can make other ones up! B/c he listens to the real song, not just mommy singing it to him. And b/c he now says "No Mommy, just Josh sing it!" I can't really yell good lyrics over the questionable ones since he yells at me for singing. And is it wrong that I find it adorable that he is into such hip tunes? Did I mention he also likes PCD "I hate this part" and Kelly Clarkson "My life would suck without you"? Am welcoming suggestions on subsitutions for "sucks". (Please don't revoke my Godmother status for corrupting my own child. I promise I won't play such songs for C.)

claire said...

My kids walk around singing "womanizer" by Britney Spears, but luckily they just sing something that sounds like "uhminiza, uh, oh, oh" over and over again. They also sing the Beastie Boys "CH-ch-check it out", but I have improvised "Let's turn this ever-lovin' party out" for "mother-f@#%ing party out". I am gonna have to find the censored version and download it soon!