Wednesday, July 29, 2009

update on scratchy satan

apparently satan is a coward. this may not come as a surprise to some of you, as i recall a lesson or two in my private school education stating this fact. but the toddler-sized, scratching satan from gymnastics was a no-show this week. i know you've been waiting to hear. the day after scratchfest 2009, i was going to visit the nordie's sale and blabbing to a friend about said scratchfest because clearly this has affected me more than anyone who, i don't know, was actually scratched, when who should appear? i know. satan is tricky that way. right there. in the nordstrom. being carried by her father. because let's face it. it's not safe to let that kid loose. i almost went into post traumatic stress attack. but i pulled it together. so apparently they still let her out in public. who knows if she has returned to the scene of the crime since the incident. who knows if her ass got kicked out. and that's why she has to hang out at the mall. who knows. but this i know. today at school, R and C were referred to by their teacher as "heavenly." good prevails over evil. take that.

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Jenny said...

Well, I am a little behind on my Twinstant fix, so I just read about the first (and last) attack. But I am dying laughing at your whole take on it, of course. Maybe, just maybe, her mom's attitude is part of the reason that little satan behaves like a caged animal. I'm just sayin.