Monday, October 5, 2009

but at least we already have halloween costumes

omg. i've been down and out. over and out. out and over. down for the count. broken down. broken. times are tough when you're kids are all of a sudden 13 overnight. no more baby swings. check. no more diapers. check. check. no more cribs. check. check. check. i should let them out of their highchairs too but hello when will i empty the dishwasher? i'm not ready to have free-range chickens. oh no. this crib to bed transition is all that i dreamt it would be. and more. in a very bad nightmare. and it's exactly what everyone i know who took twins from cribs to beds told me it would be. a nightmare. when i say nightmare, it implies slumber of some sort. au contraire mon frere. i haven't been sleeping. it's worse than when i was breastfeeding 3 week olds. well maybe not that bad but i'm living in the moment here and it feels bad. they have already come so far. they are still napping most of the time. hallelujah. but you just never know. and that's the hard part. coupled with the obvious hard part of waking up at 5 am. that's 5 am central time. or whatever time zone you're in. imagine 5 am. it's dark. it's nighttime in my book. no one needs to be awake. but they pop up at 5 am. turn on the light. it's a party. or they have to go potty. potty i can accommodate (and even find the positive and be grateful for that) but a party. i cannot accommodate. i will not accommodate! i go in. everyone back in beds. lights off. "but i can't see." oh really? there's a reason you can't see. because you don't have to see. you have to sleep. it's dark. for. a. reason. several reasons in fact.
so anyway. i'm tired. so tired that i cannot string together a complete thought process. even for a blog that 7 people read. i know you read it. thank you 7 readers! and i'm so sorry i've neglected you!
because i cannot string together meaningful anything right now (as though i ever have), i will leave you with this question (please i need all 7 of you to weigh in on this one):
if she loves loves this brand new halloween costume so so much on october 5, 2009 (wore it to eat two meals and getting it off for bedtime was a grand task), i ask you:
what are the chances she will still love love it so so much on october 31, 2009?

i'm getting a different one, aren't i?


Rowdy Girls Mama said...

Oh! Super Cute!! She'll still likey. You're cool. Sorry about the 5am stuff. That is bad. We're kind of on the opposite side. It's more like 10-11pm and I'm still trying to shut down the party.

Austin Auntie said...

The costume is way too adorable just like R. However, I will remind you of your September comment: "I could go and get C's costume today and he would be fine. For R, I might as well wait until the day before because she will change her mind many times before Halloween." For a girl who loves clothes as much as R that adorable Halloween costume will be so yesterday by the time October 31 rolls around. :)

Esperanza said...

hi betty - my son thinks 5 am is a party and he has nobody there to play with.....have you tried a rubber hammer? we have, he still pops up. love, lauren