Wednesday, October 14, 2009

things i love right this second

kid art. washable paint on canvas. c. 2009.
does it ever get old? i think i'll love it forever.

ok. this is a women's shirt that i stitched up in the back and voila! perfect dress for perfect r. i tried to talk through it with the salesperson who so wasn't with me. but look! i love it! for her. not me.

um this one is a joke. i do not love this. but if i did want to freeze my children and have exact replicas that would last forever. well, here they are. bet they don't wake anyone up at 5 am for potty breaks (but some dolls do. weird).
speaking of freaky. i do not love rachel zoe the person. i love rachel zoe the cartoon character (and why is she so wrinkly everywhere but look at that forehead. someone snorts cocaine off of that forehead, it's so sleek [ie botoxed]). i also love rachel zoe as a second language. bananas. die. beyond. litrally. and my recent favorite "i would eat those shoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." (don't pretend you know what eating is like, rachel zoe. hello.)
my kids' lunchboxes. i want to kiss them on their little mouths (slug, mouth with braces) everyday i make their lunches. they picked out the stickers to put on the front. one container. little compartments. all in the dishwasher at the end of a hard day. done and done. and you're welcome, environment. nothing disposable to pitch. hearts and rainbows. i feel like a care bear.
the. cutest. food. of. all. time. i mean, it should win an award. for the cutest food of all time. and it was delicious. afternoon tea at the encore (via a pool cabana. happiness.) in las vegas. look at those tiny delights! and they were tasty too. and not in a tiny way, either. scrumptious.
who doesn't love tim gunn? really. this photo must have captured one of his "conundrums." and what i really love right this second about him is when he recently told someone their garment had the potential to be a "hot mess."
we have his and hers nail polish in our household. and i love it.


CeCe said...

I so love that little green dress.

Jenny said...

This whole thing made me snort. Like a lot of laughing and snorting, JBJJ style. SNORT!