Monday, August 18, 2008

breaking up is hard to do

i have a haircut scheduled. yes, this is blog-worthy. thankyouverymuch. my haircut is scheduled for a weekday morning. while the kids are dancing away at MDO. it's my first weekday morning haircut since i was able to bail out of work for a two-hour lunch. footloose and fancy-free. pretty exciting stuff. and this is not just any haircut. it's my first haircut since the breakup. we were together for eight years. and he didn't even breakup with me to my face. or over the phone. or a text. or even an email. the nerve. i just heard it through the grapevine (not much longer would you be mine). my hairdresser, of eight years, retired. no note! no phone call! it's worse than when my eighth grade boyfriend, josh, had his friend call me to tell me josh didn't like me anymore (he wanted to "go with" regina. she was the pretty new girl. [i'm obviously over it]). that's just bad business. on both counts. so now i'm off to a new hairdresser who will undoubtedly try to give me pageant hair. i have a lot of hair. and new hairdressers always try to increase volume. while i spend my days trying to decrease volume. minimize. minimize. we'll see how it goes. regardless. it will occur during a weekday morning. and that, alone, is a good reason to celebrate (good times, come on).

as long as i don't look like this.
wait. i DO kind of look like this.
except fatter, shorter, no tatoos. and my hair is slightly smaller.

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