Saturday, August 30, 2008

out of this world

do you remember the television show "out of this world" (circa 1988)? the main character was bi-alien (just made that up). her dad was an alien. her mom was a human. this girl, i forgot her name, could stop time by putting her two pointer fingers together (don't lie. you know you watched this and tried to put your fingers together to try and stop time). why am i talking about this ridiculous show that only myself and two other people (i'm assuming there were two out there) watched? because i now think this was reality television ahead of it's time. it. was. real. she. stopped. time. and that girl (i can't believe i don't remember her name because i remember random shit like this) is screwing with me. for some reason she feels the need to stop time between the hours of nap and dinner in my house. that's approximately 2.5 hours. so since it's stopped, thank you very much "evie" (had to look it up. it was bothering me) that feels like at least 14 hours. time is stopped in my house. but we're all still operating. and when i say operating, i mean bonkering (made up). maniacal (real word). seriously she is stopping time and only my toddlers and dog and i are forced to burn 14 hours in the span of real 2.5 hours. it's really ridiculous. R and C lose it. they're crankies. and why wouldn't they be? they've just slept for two hours. they've just eaten a delightful snack and consumed a frosty beverage. they have three rooms full of toys (venturously spilling into rooms 4 and 5). they even have a built-in playmate, besides their mother. and besides the dog. but. still. there's something squirrely about the hours between 3 pm (CST) and 5:30 pm (CST). and i will get to the bottom of it. damn. it. but for now i'm blaming her.

"i am now stopping time. for everyone in the universe except that little lady with the crazy twins and crazier dog. they will continue bonkering (oh now she's stealing my word too?) for hours and hours and hours. and hours and hours. BWAHAHA!"

p.s. robots and now aliens? what is this, some kind of a sci-fi freak phase?


Pete and Shelley said...

Your blog cracks me up!

I feel your pain. Those 2 1/2 hours are the longest of my life, every single day.

I get that show confused with Small Wonder with the robot girl, Vicki. Remember that one? Quality tv. Maybe Vicki is the robot toy from your previous post.


Jenny said...

so, you KNEW I would be one of the other two people who watched this show. Sadly, I remembered her name without looking it up. Yep, major fan. Wonder what happened to the girl who played Evie?

anyhoo, can identify with those same hours of the day and can only assume it's b/c we are exhausted from the first 7 hours of the day and ready for the spouses to get their a$$es home!

Smooch said...

ugh. I know. Especially when just one wakes up. I feel like I still shouldn't have to be "on" and justified to watch Mad Men with her.

betty said...

shelley: if "small wonder" was a horrible show from the 80's. i probably watched it. i will have to look into it.
jenny: i so totally knew you were one of the other two. and of course you remember her name. you probably wrote her fanmail.
smooch: totally justified!

Jenny said...

You know I hate to disappoint, so... I ALSO watched Small Wonder, which was equally fantastic and came on before or after OOTW. And I did NOT write Evie fanmail. I was too busy being pen-pals with Deidre Hall and/or Taylor Dayne. I DID join their fan clubs and sent them a letter (or ten). Did I join Frankie's fan club too?? Hmmm... definitely a possibility but can't recall. You know that's why you love me so much. I am VERY devoted. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh- Small Wonder mentions in the comments and I discover I'm not the only one who knows her name was Evie. This is why I can't remember my new office phone number- my brain is full of this stuff.