Monday, August 4, 2008

mother's day. out.

R and C are headed to a MDO (that's acronym for mother's day out) program soon. very soon. we already have anxiety. we already have stress. we already feel we are not ready already. and by we. i mean me. they're cool. they're ready. they have don'tleavememommy drommy for about 2 minutes upon my departure. then they're fine. i, however, am not fine. i mean, if i'm leaving them to, like, go to the bathroom by myself and they're with my spouse, i'm fine. especially fine when i get to take a shower. because, let's face it, i'll be gone for 15 minutes. but 4 hours seems like a freaking lot. i know. i know. it's good for C. it's good for R. it's good for them. it's good for me. win. win. win. win. blah. blah. blah. blah. stop by my poll over there and help them out. i mean me. help me out.


Jennifer said...

betty - so glad to run into you at the playground today. let's get together some time for a playdate.

good for you for doing MDO even though it is tough..i think it's great, for all the reasons you mentioned.

they are going to have a blast with all the new activites. are you worried about missing them?

do something for yourself and remember who you are in addition to being a fabulous mom.

Jennifer said...

oh betty, you know the b-day party that was at the park this morning? they had a bb grill right there by the swings. we went closer to their table to load up to go bc the celbrant and his friends were playing with our wagon. david was loading them up and lily ran into their grill!! she burned her hand and has an almost one inch blister.

i can't believe they would have a grill right by the playground and unsupervised. they had a bunch of little ones in their own party for peets sake. geesh. poor lily, i feel so bad.

Jennifer said...

oh, and one more thing. i hope i didn't sound preachy in my post - it was supposed to be more of a pep talk.

betty said...

jennifer, i am so sorry about lily and the grill. hope she is ok. we should definitely play together some time. for mdo, i am worried about missing them and worried because R flips when i drop her off. not preachy...thanks!

iggee said...

It *is* hard to leave them for the first few weeks (months). No doubt. But you know - they chin up real quick when they realize that all of these adults are there to focus on them - to entertain them and keep them happy. It's a non-stop kid-fest filled with Play-doh and paints and running and playgrounds and sand and books. Drop-offs are always the hardest part. You may find that they're so distracted at pick-up they won't even notice you're there. Or - (and I think this is hilarious) get really upset when you arrive because they know the fun ends and it's nap time.

You'll be able to use the time to focus on yourself and whatever else you need to do. The few hours go by so quickly. With 2 days a week - I try to spend one kid-free morning on chores like shopping, house cleaning, etc and one kid-free day on myself - reading, getting a cheap pedicure, scrapbooking, etc.

Keep us posted on how it goes! They'll do just fine, I'm sure!