Sunday, January 25, 2009

cute as american pie

"she looks like tara reid." ok. i'm usually prepared for stranger's comments on my kiddos. i thought i had heard it all. some are stupid. some are clueless. some have some random twin association stories. most are just well-intentioned. nice. etcetera. etcetera. but "she looks like tara reid?" really? i mean, even if she does, should you say that? out loud? to her mother? like tara reid from the "american pie" days? (ok kind of sweet. innocent.) or like tara reid from E's terrible "wild on tara" television showtastrophe? (alcoholic set loose to binge drink and slut it up through random cities. not. that. innocent.). (thank you if you're singing britney right now). or is it the drug addicted anorexic tara reid? i was not prepared for a tara reid comparison to my precious two-year-old daughter. i mean is she headed to bret michael's rock of love tour bus, season 28, or what? i just half smiled. "oh yeah." oh no. a simple "she's cute." would do. it will always do. when in doubt, just say they're cute. and, don't compare them to some trashy (yet, once pretty) reality rehab skank. ok?
which one?


RowdyGirls said...

NO! Sweet R compared to that slut puppy? NO! Who would ever think that was an ok comparison to say out loud?

Austin Aunt said...

I can't stop laughing. What was that person thinking?? Now R does have a mind of her own and we all know where she gets it, but Tara Reid.