Sunday, April 12, 2009


with the new found fun of constant questions and constant repeats and well, just constant talking in general, we were bound to run into some inappropriateness right? right?! i'm sure it's fine. it was a kid-friendly church service after all. we're strangely quiet for a moment. actually the whole church is strangely quiet for a moment. uh oh. "EASTER BUNNY!" "Where is the Easter Bunny?!" "See him." "I want to see him."
it's not like we don't talk about Jesus. you couldn't yell out a little "Jesus" on a day like today? you picked the easter bunny? um, we're kind of at church. not the egg hunt. that's what i get for bribing you to stay in your seats with fruit snacks (compliments of the easter bunny, ironically. see how i do this to myself?). i think they still think Jesus is a baby (since Christmas). i tried to explain that the picture they saw of Jesus today was of grown-up Jesus. but. it's a process. C thought the grown up Jesus was "Jesus' daddy" (still thinking of the nativity, i would imagine). thank everything (well, God, in particular) that we all got to sing "Jesus Loves Me" (fan favorite). then R brought us all home with some huge and critically timed AMEN's. sounds like AHHHH MEN. with a nod.
oh. you know i totally watched this show back in the day.

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