Monday, December 22, 2008


consider this a Holy Ghost. i mean holy post. 'tis the season, after all. my kids are all about Jesus. we broke out the nativity scene a la little people that my sister gave us last year and the change of reaction from last year to this year was, um, spiritual. C and R are all about the baby Jesus. how did they know He was the star of the show? the angel is the one at the top. and she (are angels gendered? bygones.) even plays music. but no. they wanted Jesus. they didn't even prefer the donkey that carries food. R wanted to rock-a-bye baby Jesus. sigh. C wanted to put baby Jesus in the tree as an ornament. sigh. "JESUS!" "JESUS!" "JESUS!" (them, not me). yes, Jesus is getting a lot of airtime in our household. R and C wanted to know who everyone was. mary, mommy. joseph, daddy. well, um. kind of. actually God is baby Jesus' father. but they're both really God. and don't forget that Holy Ghost. no, that was halloween. oh, this is harder than i thought. damn you little people nativity. wait, that's just wrong. i also think it's wrong when you leave baby Jesus laying on the floor to later be stepped on by one bare mommy foot. "Jesus." (me, not them). it's like the scene from "the ref" (one of my all time favorites, ever, especially this time of year) when dennis leary bites into the baby Jesus cookie. but i didn't even get a cookie. we're still reeling from the dual birthday that occurred last month. so we sing happy birthday at least 5 times per day. still. last week C walked right up to the nativity, held baby Jesus cupped in his little hands and said "Merry Christmas Baby Jesus." sigh. now we're singing happy birthday to Jesus. wait. Merry Christmas Baby Jesus. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. same thing. tonight we went to look at Christmas lights in a funky Christmas lights area, where the nativity scene may be comprised of sock monkeys. at some point R started saying "baby Jesus. up." i kept looking but i couldn't see what she saw. better start preparing now for Easter.


Lynnie said...

We have that Little People Nativity set. Well, most of it anyway. Nice to know what the baby Jesus actually looks like! Our set's Jesus went missing the second my mother-in-law opened the package for the kids and displayed the contents, naming each person involved. After she left I tried to re-enact the scene but, alas, no Jesus. I kept thinking he'd show up under the couch or something, but it's been three years!!! Somehow I think that doesn't bode well for me, the fact that I could lose the **main** character but can still produce the donkey cart at a second's notice! Merry Christmas, Jesus, wherever you're hiding.

betty said...

lynnie: i have a wooden sushi piece that i feel the same way about. not that i'm comparing sushi to Jesus. and i'm sure He forgives both of us. ;)