Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dress obsessed

i'm dressobsessed. for me this time, not my toddler. i need a dress. OMG i need a dress. which means i have a reason to need a dress! a wedding. not mine. though i'm feeling like i haven't purchased a dressy dress since my own wedding, almost six years ago. no, no. i must have needed a dress in the last six years. yes. but not the last three years. no. so i'm off to a wedding, evening wedding. as long as a babysitter drops out of the sky (holding an umbrella would be best). and more importantly i need a dress. even if i wear it only once (low CPW, obvi) i can justify it. because what was i wearing in early 2005 exactly? not sure. but it doesn't need to come back out now. so it's my new current obsession, well one of them. oh dresses. if mary poppins doesn't pop into my home maybe i'll just get one of these numbers and sit in my living room with a bottle of wine.

i threw in a couple haute couture from the forever 21.
because they are twenty-two dollars and eighty cents each.
and that means more wine for me.


Jenny said...

ooooh, all very cute choices B! I must see the final choice. You are making me want a dress now, and I have no need. Maybe if I drop 30 lbs I will buy a cute dress like one of these.

betty said...

jenny: 30 lbs? dude, let's not go overboard. i thought you would appreciate the shout out to forever 21...