Wednesday, December 3, 2008

rock-a-bye bye

yeah. that sweet rock-a-bye lullaby? it's really saying rock-a-bye bye to the sweet precious baby near sleep, tucked into a cozy cradle, suspended from a tree before said cradle and said baby come crashing down. ahem. consider this my public service announcement. i'm down with the people. "people" being those of you who have always been a little more than slightly uncomfortable with singing about not just the cradle coming crashing down, but the baby as well. what kind of a lullaby is this? who puts their baby in a tree? is this babycradle crashing supposed to comfort a baby into a deep peaceful slumber? i think not. and i thought not. so i made up my own lyrics.

rock-a-bye baby
in the tree top
when the wind blows
the cradle will rock
when the moon rises
the sun will fall
good night to baby
good night to all

it's a science lesson and a good moral all in one. moon rising. sun falling. el sol y la luna. the sun is the only thing that's falling here. and it's safe. it knows what it's doing. no baby crashing. and it sends a good sleeping message. good. night. we're all going to sleep now. including baby. but especially including me. everyone wins.
you. are. welcome.

*no babies (or cradles) were harmed in the singing of this lullaby

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Jenny said...

Wow. A blogger AND a song writer?? Mr. Bennett would be proud, you little closet musician, you! Love your lyrics and thankyouverymuch for them. I purposely avoid this song due to the graphic nature of the lyrics. Emma will now hear your version and I will be sure to tell her they are from her wonderful Godmother. :)