Saturday, February 9, 2008


ANNOUNCEMENT. i have a very important announcement. "mommy is taking a shower and washing her hair." i speak in third person. i make this announcement every few days. ok, i shower almost everyday. the hair, however, takes a few days vacation. i'll have you know that this is under advisement from my hair dresser who proclaimed that my hair would shrivel up and fall off if i washed it everyday. thank God i don't have to/am not allowed to wash it every day. because there's no way this could happen. my daily alone time is a precious commodity. and although i see the value of clean hair, i don't want to spend all of said alone time in the shower/drying/styling my hair. especially the drying/styling procedures. this is no small task. it involves drying then straightening. i have a lot of hair. like enough for at least three people. even with my chi styling products, it is a time-sucker. i could forego the whole dry/straighten thing and rock the tousled look au'natural but then i am committed to no brushing for several days and i have to brush. hey, i said i wash my hair only every few days. i am a regular brusher! and i'm no kate hudson. i don't look like that with natural hair drying. i'm also not sure why the good folks at target care if my hair is "done." i mean, of course they don't care. the people at the grocery store? don't care either. everyone just looks at my kids anyway. no one even sees me. let alone my hair. i'm a regular wallflower (never been called that one before). i am merely a shadow, a vehicle enabling the propelation (just made that up) of two cute kids' forward movement. i'm sure the shower/hair-washing announcement only adds to my appeal to my spouse. because every once in a while i'll provide him with a shower update. because i'm certain he wants to know (strangely, he never asks though). "tonight i'm taking a shower because i haven't showered since sunday (it's tuesday)." surely he must know this. why do i feel the need to announce it? daily alone time showers are nice but don't get me started on the luxurious luxury of a morning shower during the weekend (spouse with children). pure indulgence!

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Amy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was helpful! We might try that soon...

I agree, washing your hair everyday when you have young twins is overkill. If my husband doesn't like it, tough!