Friday, February 15, 2008

new current obsession

my new current obsession is a person/blogger/published writer. i'm burying the lead so wait for it. my spouse, knowing i am all about the blogs lately, forwarded me a link to a blog of a person who is a mother of twins and who lives in texas. makes sense that i would be interested in what this person might have to say. here's where it gets really interesting. her name is stephanie klein. i thought, that sounds familiar. stephanie klein. maybe she is a former student? she is from new york. you know, i had a friend in elementary school named stephanie klein. she had curly, red hair. now i see her picture. this stephanie klein, of new york, has red hair. what a coincidence! then i start reading blog entries. very talented writer. with an extaordinary memory. she writes a lot about her childhood, naming childhood friend names. i didn't get named. but julie tesser, lori sussman, meryl glass, allison redmon, kim filione, gina ferrara...all named. and all my early elementary school friends. shut up. this is weird. not as weird as my sister's third grade best friend, kristen d'amato being babysat by former supermodel, pre-supermodel days, carol alt, but it is weird. reading her blog is like a trip down memory lane. i'm going to give you the link to her blog but let me caution you: this is not your fluffy i love my twins mommy blog. it's dirty. she's dirty. ok it's not all dirty. when you hit the dirty, you'll know. and when i started to recount my six-year-old stephanie klein memories...yep. she was dirty. like she used bad words. even at age six. and i'm not talking about "stupid-head" and "dumb-butt" (those are good ones by the way. thinking about bringing them back). i remember her screaming something on the playground (dirty) really loud and i was mortified to be seen with/near her for fear that someone would think it was i who said it. and, with my parents' wise judgement of character, they didn't particularly like me hanging out with her. so now stephanie klein has twins and lives in texas. even though we were second grade friends i'm pretty sure we won't hang out now. number one: we weren't great friends. i don't think i was cool enough for her. i definitely wasn't dirty enough for her. she had queen bee potential and was maybe even a little mean. and i was the kind of kid who saved bugs from near death and wrote "happy springtime i love you" cards to my mother for no reason (it was springtime. i loved her). sidenote: i'm not claiming to be an angel here. i'm sure i did mean stuff. i once tied a kite to my dog's collar. i was tired of flying it. how hard is it to fly a kite? poor topper. it scared him. i felt bad (still do a little). number two: she's still dirty. and i still am not. even if i try really hard. sometimes i say "ass" on my blog and that's about the level of my filth factor. sassy? yes. dirty? no. i really want to know if she also mentions alyssa tennenbaum, karen fiore, lea fischman, diana tillis, christi cunningham, rachel seiden, jessica seiden (not related). but they may have been of the lesser popular variety. like me. so anyway, here is the link to her blog: enjoy it. it's enjoyable. i have not read her book yet but i did order it for $6 including shipping which i feel a little guilty about because she may not be making any cash on that purchase at all. then again, from my research she is kind of a big deal so she probably doesn't need my sad little royalty. she has quite a way with words. and if it is truly non-fiction, she really puts it all out there. and i have to respect that. consequently, i sent her a quick comment on her blog to which i have received no response. queen bee. of course she wouldn't respond. it's not like i gave her my number and told her to call me so we could meet for coffee and talk about mrs. buonocore (first grade teacher). my spouse asked about it and all i said was "i second grade hate her." see how mean i can be?

UPDATE (02/26/08): [picture me eating crow. even though i am a pseudo vegetarian]. the queen bee did respond. i just didn't see it. she is nice. and now i wish i would have paid full price for her book.


Austin Aunt said...

This must be like when I read about Brittney Spears and I see her mother Lynne who was 7th grade class favorites with my brother, Bruce. Lynne sunbathed at the Lions' Club Pool where my friends and I swam in the summer. She hated it when we would splash water on her. It got her pink bikini wet. Then I see Brittney's father, Jamie, who was my cousin Debbie's first husband. He was the star quarterback and Debbie was the majorette. I got her uniform when I was a majorette. Yes, I was much slimmer then, but every time I hear "Satisfaction" from the Rolling Stones I can immediately go back to my tryout routine. Of course, Jamie divorced Debbie and married Lynne two weeks after the divorce. Now also when I see Lynne I am reminded that her sister who unfortunately died last year was married to my cousin Reggie, not to be confused with my brother Reggie. However, Lynne's sister was in my brother Reggie's class growing up. Cousin Reggie was older, but his mother taught my second grade class. Unfortunately, she didn't teach phonics like Mrs. Muse the other second grade teacher and I have paid the price ever since. Oh yes, there was the time I saw Brittney's family tree in a magazine and I saw her uncle William. William was in my elementary school class and I always wondered what happened to him. According to Us, he is an ex-felon who now sleeps in his car. Would you like for me to go on? Hey, I grew up in Louisiana. What can I say! By the way, if you ever want to see the photo of Lynne Spears and my brother, Bruce, as class favorites just let me know.

bet said...

austin aunt: you definitely need your own blog! :)

Smooch said...

I had a reaction to her picture. Like she was rejecting me just from me looking at her blog.

Mama Snyder said...

Betty - I'm a twin mommy bogger on and got here from chasing comments. You are hysterical! I'm glad you're not mean, because if you were mean, you'd be MEAN, 'cuz you write really well! :)