Tuesday, February 12, 2008


a question for you, mister somewhat youthful looking alone in the car with no handicap thingy hanging from the mirror and not even on the phone (there are actually four of these people in my immediate view): do you really have to be in the starbucks drive-thru line? because i really have to be in the starbucks drive-thru line. and i mean it. the starbucks is virtually empty. there are five employees with nothing to do. there are 14 available parking spaces. it's a beautiful day. not too cold. not too hot. no rain. no wind. not even high on the allergy count, so don't try that one. it's 10:15 am. you're not late to work. or, you're super late to work. late beyond repair. and if you were late to work, it would be faster for you to get your ass out of the car to get your damn coffee because you don't have two toddlers that you have to unbuckle unbuckle hoist hoist buckle buckle coffee unbuckle unbuckle hoist hoist buckle buckle. (i didn't get my coffee that day because the line was too long. can you tell?)

why don't i just rub it in my own face by finding a picture of an icy delicious beverage that i did not get to adore?
p.s. i'm writing this instead of taking a shower and washing my hair during my sacred alone time. damn blog!
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Smooch said...

My pet peeve. I HATE those drive thru people. And as an ancillary to that, there needs to be a lot more drive thru in general.

Anonymous said...

okay so here I suppose is a list I started of what would be "ADTFMT"
(Awesome Drive-Thrus for Mothers of Twins)...and their nannies too!
Some already invented others we need more of.... First and most obvious...Starbucks!!!!
Dry Cleaners
ALL pharmacies/drug stores
Waterloo Records (or any other music store...when you need that new CD now!)
Drive-Thru Zoos/Wildlife parks
healthy fast food drivein....CAN NOT handle any more Sonic.
This might be stretching it but maybe a pediatrician's office?! the drool and snot of others wont end up on my kid's hands!
And one last note...any store/business that will have anything to do with the public and their children must have a large playground with age appropriate when we do have to drag the children out at least they get to play!

Anne said...

oops I accidentially chose anonymous...I credit myself to the above post!

Tanya said...

Oh my gosh, I thought this was just me, but I HATE those lazy people too! Now that I can actually walk into a place I do, but it would tick me off to the beyonds when I'd be in the drive thru and there would be lazies in the drive thru line, just one person in the car, their lazy selves. And I had 2 babies, almost impossible to walk into a place, or at least to tiring to think about it. UGH those people, hate them!

bet said...

ooh anne, that's a good list.
OR what if there was one convenient location with several of these services in one so once you all got out of the car, you were out. no hopping around. for example, music store, dry cleaners, coffee, healthy fastfood, pharmacy. like a better version of our current mall system!