Monday, July 14, 2008

b*tch, please

i know she is saying "peach." i know it. i know because she loves the peaches. and now she can verbally demand what she wants. so she is telling me she wants more "peach." but the thing is, it sounds like b*tch. sort of exactly like b*tch. and now that i've taught her some manners and she can squeeze out a "please" every once in a while...well, it sounds like she is saying "b*tch, please." emily post would be so proud. yes, my oneandahalf-year-old is telling me "b*tch, please." i hope you're saying that the right way in your mind. it's not like b*tch, please question mark. it's like b*tch period please period. i hear it with a hint of sarcasm but i'm pretty sure that's just in my mind. i also hear it in my friend george's voice. probably also in my mind. i also couldn't help but notice her saying it while she was looking at my shoes this morning. like b*tch, please. i know you're not wearing those shoes with that outfit. i would say that is also probably only in my mind. except she does really like shoes. and she has impeccable taste.
that b*tch


Austin Aunt said...

That little Reese has impeccable taste in shoes so you better watch out. I knew I should have gotten her those fab shoes at Takashimaya in NYC. From copping a squat to critiquing your shoes, this kid is way too smart for her age.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! The best part of when I used to work for a daycare was the interesting phrases that came out of the kids' mouths unintentionally (or because Mom or Dad slipped up and the kid copied).

iggee said...

cute! cute!

One of mine - Luke actually - cusses as well. He says "see it!" but actually comes out sounding just like "Sh*t". He makes me so proud! =)

Jenny said...

Heeelarious! Totally identify. The first week Josh was saying "yes" I swore he was saying "a$$". Could not figure out why he was saying that. I am slow, apparently.
I can just hear your little darling now! She is a sassy little thing... like her mama and Aunt Joanne! :)

Smooch said...

Hilarious. My friends 2yo was saying "Dumb F*ck" for Dump Truck. And of course, I kept goading him to say it over and over. Just to torture his parents.