Wednesday, May 21, 2008

oh no she didn't

oh yes she did. i did. oh yes i did. i swore i wouldn't do it. but i did. it wasn't my fault. i had them first. i'm burying the lead here so wait for it. a while back remember when i proclaimed i would never dress my darling daughter and my darling self alike? well i'm in trouble. we had a fabulous grammi visit and fabulous grammi proclaimed the kiddles needed fabulous new shoes from the fabulous nordstrom. why is that place fabulous? because they have shoes. wall-to-wall shoes. R's favorite word du jour? shiz (obviously shoes). girl points them out everywhere. she can't get enough. she even finds the most valuable thing in her baby Bible to be Jesus' shiz. that's what she flips to. that's what she wants to see. forget the ark. forget the parting of the red sea. where are the shiz? take me to the shiz. that's what is God-like in her world at the moment. and i can't say i blame her. i do love my shiz. and if i passed that little (huge) love on to her so be it. at least she has a good mentor. which is what i'm getting to. s l o w l y. sorry. once freed from her claustrophobically inhibiting (her words, not mine) stroller, she zeroed right in on them. she went for the prize. the most pulchritudinous (real word) (not that i doubt your intelligence but it means beautiful. i don't know why she didn't just say "beautiful" but she had to bust out the "pulchritudinous" instead) shiz she had ever seen. and they were lookers. those were some wheels that warranted a tear. once she grabbed them there was no letting go. i asked the kind woman for her size and once those were on her feet. they were on. too big. too floppy. but on damnit. and she wasn't giving them up. i have to admit it was love at first sight for me too. i commended her knowing eye with a purchase. well technically it was a grammi purchase but whatev. we had to break the shiz from her grips and replace them with her shiz that were so 30 minutes ago. so sad. she took it well. her shiz of so 30 minutes ago were still metallic gold beauties that were nothing to scoff at. nothing like the new shiz. but still of note. we got home. i placed the new lovelies in the closet. and i thought. i really do like those shiz. like i really like them. what is it i like about them in particular? oh yeah. i have shiz (mine are shoes though) that bear a slight resemblance. oh. no. i did it. but i had them first! they're not exactly alike. hers are glittery. mine are not. mine are wedge heels. hers are not. thank God. on many levels. mine have laces. hers do not. but i'm pretty sure we can't wear them on the same day. and no way to wearing them with our black leggings. yes i have them. (shut up. please.) on the same day. i can't believe i fell into the trap. and she is only one point five years old. it's only going to get worse. you know i have photos. here's the damage. i mean splendor.

mommy shoes

toddler shoes

same shoes?
how bad is it? really?

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RowdyGirls said...

Darling shoes! R has great taste. Yeah, I wouldn't trot out in tandem with all the shiz on the same day. Have totally done it over here on accident, though. Leetle embarrassing.