Thursday, July 3, 2008

i'm a brat

apparantly i'm a brat. my friend's 5-year-old daughter was given a "bratz" doll (by her grandmother, much to my friend's horror). the young gal then referred to the bratz doll by my name. i look like a bratz doll. is that a compliment? i mean, you don't get any more youthful than a bratz doll, right? but you also don't get any more skanky er skankier (as far as a children's toy goes). and what are those clothes they wear anyway? um i never wear clothes like that. ok maybe i have worn clothes like that. but not likely around a 5-year-old. and not likely in the last ten years. i am terrified at the thought of what my daughter (or son [ahem]) might want as a doll in the year 2011. at the rate we're going. hawaiian tropic dolls in swimsuits with highlighted hair and orange skin and belly button rings and tramp stamp tatoos and worse than barbie measurements? long live the cabbage patch kids. unless those are headed for skankitrociousness (just made that up) too.

i'm guessing i'm second from left


Smooch said...

skank. that brat needs some bangs and it would be perfect.

betty said...

smooch: don't you mean YOUNG skank?