Monday, June 30, 2008

i'd like to thank the little people

thank you, thank you. thank you all seven of my devoted readers who voted in my very first official blog poll. which had absolutely nothing to do with my blog in general. except that it focused on the occasional randomness that is the pop culture that i bring up from time to time. this particular randomness, of course, refers to the hair cut heard 'round the world, my dear felicity. so the show ended (gasp) in 2002. so what? i still think about it. i still love it. i've seen every episode at least seven times each (four times each while on bedrest thank you very much, which means my kids have seen, ok heard [by osmosis] every single episode four times each). i love it almost more than "my so called life" or the tragically underrated and short-lived "popular" (only two seasons, on the WB no less). so i thought i'd do a shoutout to felicitearful and her evil ben who, if this was real life would probably have cheated on her 79 times by now and impregnated 5 or 6 people by now and have failed out of medical school which he couldn't have possibly gotten into in the first place. you didn't get a spoiler alert because um, it's been six years. if you hadn't heard that felicity picked ben then i don't even know what to say to you. and let's hear it for good old noel. pulling down the win with a sweeping 42%. wait that's not exactly a sweep. but hey he won. and noel is the kind of guy that would appreciate a little random blogger poll victory six years later. whoa...intervention. hey, isn't noel a character on a television show (extinct television show) and not a real person? anyone else hear patsy cline singing "crazy" or is that just in my head? sidenote: i am pretty sure if you conduct your own intervention you are not crazy. or maybe it's the other way around...own intervention equals crazy? anyway. i didn't vote because i felt it was unethical to vote on my own first official blog poll (although that would have garnered me eight whole votes. EIGHT!). but had i voted, i would have voted for "all of the above." no reason felicitrocious couldn't have picked ben, kept noel close (mean but that's the beauty of their relationship, is it not? i mean was it not?) and javier. every gal needs a javier. javier's the kind of guy who will tell you that you shouldn't have cut 14 inches off your signature curly locks. into a buzz. bygones. thanks for voting, my seven favorite people. p.s. one of the voters was my spouse, whom i asked to (read: made) vote, God love him. he didn't even know who ben or noel were. guess he tried to stay out of the house during bedrest.

random trivia: the show's ratings nose-dived following the chop
i'm sure she told sally (janeane garofalo [yes! really!]) all about it.

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