Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i heart school

new clothes. new supplies. new shoes. the cutest new lunchboxes with the cutest new coordinated bento boxes. is there anything better? why yes, there is. what's better is providing all of the previously mentioned mentionables to your two children and scooting them into their new classroom while you drive an empty stroller back to the parking garage. whoa. this is light. "you can leave that here." dumbass. of course i can leave the stroller here. there are no kids in it. what am i doing pushing an empty stroller? it's doubly empty. park. and. i'm. off...but off to where, i wonder? i decided to helicopter parent like the best of them and stick close to the school in case i got that pleasedon'tringphone phone call telling me that R and C hate school and they want to drop out. they're never going back. it's straight to cosmetology school (i am in the market for a new hairdresser). no call today. no tears either. no dancing yet, but there's plenty of time for that. so here's what i did for my (er, their) first day of school:
*volunteer work delivery. put my car in a loading zone (legally) and made a jaunt.
*pharmacy. i went in. no drive-thru necessary. popped in. popped out. done and done.
*car wash. do-it-yourself car wash. thankyouverymuch. i'm counting this as exercise bytheway. there are some arm lifts. swift movements. broke a sweat (it's hot).
*whole foods. i drank hot. i said hot. coffee. while sitting. down. what? seriously. i even read the acknowledgements of my dissertation. where THERE IS A TYPO IN THE FIRST SENTENCE. i am now sharing my most embarrassing fact of life with you, at this moment, here on this blog. i have a typo on the very first line of my dissertation. and they still gave me the degree. suckers.
*parking garage of school. hey, it was shady and cool. and sat in peace and had a lovely cellular telephone conversation with an old friend who i have been trying to talk to for 2 months of phone tag and when will i ever have time to talk to her? so nice.
for my next day of school i will be going to lunch with a friend to celebrate said friend's birthday. lunch during the week. in a restaurant. with no high chairs. i might throw my own food on the floor just to be wacky.

kind of makes you want to go back to school, no?

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Currie Family said...

aww so cute! 1st day of school wow...lots of memories. My mom would take a first day of school picture every year until my brother, sister and I all graduated from high school. Yeah
12th grade photo not so cool!
Happy 1st day Reese and Cole