Tuesday, December 16, 2008

economic crisis

ok. i used to think that having girl/boy twins was God's gift to me as a way to control my spending. ok girl/boy twins are a gift from God (or girl/girl twins. or boy/boy twins. or one girl. or one boy. but. i. digress.) for many reasons but go with me on this spending thing. girls clothes are freaking cute. the smaller, the cuter. boys clothes are not. period. the smaller the cuter here too but it's just not the same. so since i subscribe to the "even stevens" mentality, my spending is thus reduced because i will only (try) to purchase equal amounts of clothing. so if i can't find something cute for C, i try not to purchase for R. i try hard. it doesn't always happen. so now i think my limited spending theory is crap. o la. because what do i do? what i will do, as queen of justified purchases, is purchase expensive boys clothing to be even stevens with the amount of really cute girls clothing, even if said really cute girls clothing is from target. so what i have created is C busting out in expensive boutique items. they're still plaid. and striped. because, well, that's all you get. so i think it's costing more. all those people who think girls naturally somehow cost more money than boys: i beg to differ.
boys' tea: $59 girls' target: $11.99


austin aunt said...

As the Austin Aunt, I have felt this pain, especially in selecting the presents for C and R's second birthday. How many things did I see for R.....the short leather jacket, the guess sweater, the mod dress with tights....the list goes on. Before I would make the purchase, I would go to the boy's section for C. When all I could find were stripes and plaids as you said, I would have this huge guilt.......Oh, I can't buy the leather jacket for R even though she would be adorable in it. Finally after searching in many, many stores in Chicago, I rationalized......C deserves a Ralph Lauren polo so I can get R that cute polka dot dress with the green flower and the brown tights. I needed therapy when this was over!

Jennifer said...

i recommend giving up on the even purchases. the girl clothes are so much more interesting. once you have a couple polo shirts, a pair of jeans and some cords all the boys stuff starts to look the same. and they don't care! trust me!!

our boys get one or two pairs of shoes per season. lily has half a dozen and it is clear that she appreciates them. she changes her shoes every hour or so each day.