Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i have the spring shopping bug. a few days of 80 degree weather and i'm off to wardrobe swap my closet. sweaters out. capris in. i-can't-believe-i-wore-that-last-year-let-alone-10-years-ago. seriously. i am still actively wearing pants from college. yay they still fit. boo they should go away. far far away. the shopping bug doesn't only bite my wardrobe. it also bites home furnishings. if only i could plunge through the doors of anthropologie, throw my arms open and exclaim "wrap it up!" i would take it. all. really, i would. now my pesky little shopping bug also bites kids' toys. big toys. toys that almost count as furniture and would absolutely be considered furniture by R and C if i would let them, say, sit or stand on them. i have a continual running list of future toys in my brain at all times. on said running list, recently, has been 1. train table and 2. dollhouse. "i'll get them when they're [i'm] ready for them," says my brain. i do some research via the internets. see which ones i like. which ones take up the least amount of square footage. which ones are not pink. or plastic. so what am i supposed to do when some fabulous person in my mothers of multiples group (hello, can i plug my mothers of multiples group for just a moment? one of the major, i mean major, twin perks, of which there are a kagillion. but every new mother should have the benefit of a group of 300 people who know exactly what she's going through at any particular moment and can offer advice and help and so on. it's. awesome. oh and there's stuff. back to the stuff...) offers a train table for a whopping 5 bucks?! bzzzzz...bite. seriously. she is basically asking me to steal her train table. so i did. it needed a little work. but paint away and here it is. a "new" be-u-tiful train table. and then that dollhouse. ok it was a little more than $5. like $115 more. but it was on sale and they gave me 40% off the floor model! bzzzzz...bite. who can turn that down? it was that damn pottery place. they got me again. it still needs furniture but i'm looking elsewhere for that. the flat panel/man in the recliner living room/woman in the kitchen cooking for child scenario kind of freaked me out. i'll devise my own scene (and then i'll get to therapy). and, by the way and because i am queen of the land of justification for any/all purchases (seriously. need help with one? try me.), if you combine the cost of these two items ($120), that means that they were only $60 each! that's beyond bargain. well done. patpat. so these are my new loves. that i will surely love more than the two small people who are supposed to love them. because they don't have 33 years of obsessive-compulsive under their belts. yet. i'm throwing in a personal shopping bug for my own personal gratification (read: unrequited love). though, that is the one that has not been purchased. yet.





Anonymous said...

I can SO relate! Well done on the combined purchase rationale,
mum of a 9 year old and soon to be 3 year old twins...all girls. Currently rationalising the combined purchase price of three pairs of shoes. Because once you have all the toys-it's about the shoes people!

betty said...

good for you corina! don't forget about CPW (cost per wear). i mean, they can't exactly go around barefoot! they need shoes! they'll wear them everyday!