Wednesday, March 19, 2008


i got a phone number. like someone else's phone number. given to me. like a stranger gave me their phone number. the other night i was out (gasp) at a bar-like establishment (gasp) and i was the recipient of one phone number (gasp gasp gasp). that's right. i got digits. i got a name and telephone number scrawled on a tiny, ripped piece of paper. just like the old days! (ok that never really happened before). but now is a new time! i'm a hot ticket! someone wanted me to have their phone number! and call them! on the telephone! sorry to ruin your excitement/horror/shock but the owner of said name and said phone number was indeed a potential babysitter. yes. potential babysitter. this is my life. this perfectly nice woman, bartender/waitress overheard my friends and i conversating about our kids (what else?) and offered up her babysitting services. did she know that between the three of us we had seven kids under the age of 3? probably not. did she know you should never tell people you are trying to get a babysitting gig with that you prefer animals to children? probably not. and just like the old days, i never called. p.s. she was a total babysitter tramp. gave her number out to three people in one night. as if.


Andrew said...

hypothetically speaking if a bartender was to be hired as our babysitter would we have to hide the liquor?

would she think a white russian was acceptable in sippies?

would it be possible that if i showed up with a woman's name and phone number on a piece of paper after a night at the woule belive it was a babysitter?

Anne said...

white russian in sippies? hmmm never thought of that...JUST KIDDING!

Amy said...

Even if the digits were from a female potential babysitter, I would have to PRETEND some hot guy slipped me those digits so my husband still knows I've got "it!"