Saturday, April 19, 2008

response requested

i need help. quick check-in. i have an issue. we are planning a trip so i started strategizing ways to set us up for success when we are trying to go to sleep in a foreign land in foreign beds with foreign everything and when i say "we" of course i mean C and R because i'm pretty sure i will be getting even less sleep than i do now. because i think i am the smartest mom of all time, i realized, hey, they love their blankets lately. they cuddle with them before bed. they go to their cribs to request the blankets once in jammies. we're obviously taking those blankets with us. on the plane. in the car. everywhere. uh oh. better get some backups. just in case. whoa smartie! good troubleshooting! love the proactivity! points!
points deducted for not thinking of this earlier. like when they were born maybe. blankets discontinued. of course. oh i'll just check the ebay. love the ebay. they always have little nuggets like this. hate the ebay! hate it! hate it more than dora the explorer! why? because discontinued $20 baby blankets pull in a cool 70 bucks on ebay. ebay bastards. that's so evil. you know the babies need their blankies. you're totally taking advantage. i'm like. no way. on principal alone, i'm not shelling out $140 on blankets that i know cost 40 bucks. can't do it. or can i? will i have a moment or two or four when said blankets are goodbye gone for whatever reason and i am cursing, thinking i would pay at least $750 for those damn blankets if only i had them and then the kids would have them and then none of us would be up and awake and unhappy at 4 am because damnit everyone would be in blanket blissful sleepiness!? i don't know. i'm just imagining. hypothesizing. in my logical non-emergency status brain i'm like, we lose the blankets, we get new ones. no biggie. big dif. the kids get new blankets. softer and better. score! new blankets! how cool is that? let's celebrate! let's celebrate with a 13 hour stretch of uninterrupted slumber, we love the blankets so freaking much! that's not going to happen, is it?
so do i get the blankets or what? same blankets marked up 7000 percent from some greedy ebay troller? or fraudulant replacement blankets for just in case? or nothing and they sleep with tissue paper if the blankets go missing? (the do love tissue paper) or do we laminate the current blankets to preserve them? my spouse's idea is that if one blanket is lost we simply cut the other one in half. i think that is a story from the Bible. like you cut the blanket in half and everyone loses. or maybe it was a baby. cut the baby in half? i don't know. help. i need help. what say you?

highway robbery.
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RowdyGirls said...

Ok. I'd go with the different back up blankie and start introducing them now, so it's not so back up. I'd also throw out an ISO on all the major market craigslists that you have friends and family in. Might get a hit.

Smooch said...

don't do it. Switch to a smaller replaceable lovey. My friend uses prefold diapers. We have angel dear pink poodles (4 of them) named Coco.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is from a few months ago, but I must comment. My daughter too, loves this very same blanket. It has been misplaced on several occasions, causing my husband and I (and daughter of course) much stress. So I thought a back-up would be a great idea. I was led to ebay where I nearly fell of my seat! $70 dollars for the same thing! Holy S*#T! Anyway, I stumbled onto your post and felt compelled to comment. Did you ever buy the blanket?

betty said...

anon: i didn't get the ridiculous ebay blanket. i did get different blankets. and i may be in trouble now because they each love BOTH blankets now. so if either of them goes missing i will be selling a kidney to purchase blankets.