Sunday, November 9, 2008

never was a t-shirt girl

i never liked to wear t-shirts. except when the sorority pressure (let's call them raisin girls) made me wear a kappa delta t-shirt at least two times a week. and since then i haven't looked back. good riddance. i just don't like them. but now. i am finding that i now might be a t-shirt girl. it's hard to shop for clothes. i need comfortable. washable. ok to get dirt/spit/foodparticles/maybe pee/poop/spitup (on a bad day). things are getting kind of gross. this is a whole new thing. and i am just realizing it. my fashion conscious working in an officeness has been muffled. gone to the other side. i think i have just become lazy. i want to do what is easy. and i don't want to invest. so i will purchase the same tank top in four different colors. thought that was a good solution. but now i'm annoyed. but i don't want buttons. don't want to iron (my iron is currently giving birth to it's very own dustbunnies). i also no longer know what is acceptable for my wearing pleasure. i mean. i never have been an inappropriate dresser. i'm not saying i'm trying to do midriff and miniskirts. but should i be shopping in the junior's department? i think i should. but maybe i shouldn't. it reminds me of when i was a babysitter at the age of 14 and mrs. batsel picked me up. we were wearing the same skirt. even at 14 i knew that was not cool. mrs. batsel should not have been shopping in the junior's department. or at the ups and downs. [sigh] ups and downs! but now here i am. it's quick. it's cheap. it's washable. i'm 33. recently was in the fitting room and the lovely 17-year-old employee popped in to check on me. "that dress looks so good on you." "yeah. i think it is a little young for me." "well you could wear it, like, when you're going out or something." oh honey. goodbye dress. the other problem is that i find myself drawn to trendy clothing that is so freaking cute. um. so freaking cute FORMYTWOYEAROLD. what is my trendinessability (made up) anymore? what am i doing? that is cute. FOR R. stop the insanity. i don't need this many ruffles. why do i like ruffles? are ruffles appropriate for a 33-year-old? i don't know anymore. i think my age/profession/mommyness are crashing together and causing a fashion identity crisis. what if this is a continuation of the bangs crises of february 2008? or the bebe crisis of may 2008? or maybe the bratz crisis of july 2008? wait a second. this could be the cumulative impact. this is not really happening. but you know what is happening? my new fingerless sweater gloves. they're awesome. i know. you're not supposed to repeat trends. but i was not wearing the fingerless gloves in 1988. i wanted to. but i didn't. so now i will wear them. damnit. this is not really happening.

you bet your life it is.
p.s. thank you if you sung cornflake girl in your head (or out loud) while reading this post


CeCe said...

I do recall that you told me a year ago that you were bringing leggings b ack the day you showed up at my house in them. And guess what, I have seen those suckers ALL across campus. You did it. So you can't tell me that you can't wear fingerless gloves (which are fabulous and sweatery all in one) WITH a long t-shirt. Maybe you can also wear a really long one and bring back those t-shirt clip things - you know, the ones in different colors that you synched up your t with? Like a giant plastic hair tie. Next - banana clips (and I just sang Gwen Stefani to spell that).

Claire said...

Yes! I just stumbled onto your blog and the first post I read has Tori references?! I feel like we may be soulmates! I am also a little new to reading blogs in general so that could be it too.
I completely feel ya with the fashion emergency of the early thirties. It's like we should have our own department somewhere between the juniors and mom clothes. I just bought a pair of Converse Chucks and i'm wearing 'em by god!
Tutus for Toddlers

Cheatham Triplets said...

Totally understand the what dept. am I in? If only there was a "young mommies dept" that had cute trendy clothes that were stain resistant. haha. Love reading your blog, we are friends with the Rowdy Girls.

- side note- I was a KD at Texas Tech, where did you go to school.

betty said...

cece: thank you for granting me credit for the bringing back of the leggings. but don't let me try it with a banana clip. be a friend.
claire: chucks will always be acceptable!
cheatham: florida state. love in AOT. :)