Saturday, June 7, 2008

you also know you're tired when

a stomach virus sounds like a vacation. today i attended a family function where i was consuming a casserole made by a family friend. please note: for me, this is erratic behavior. i hate casseroles. i hate food made by someone with whom i have never spent time in their home where i can observe their kitchen and home life habits. but today my defenses were down. lately i've been tired. i wore my thong underwear backwards for cripe's sake. i'm vulnerable. please note: the friend-made casserole was dee-licious. and not just because i was a little starving. i'm kind of still in shock of the tastiness. it also looked beautiful and i am a sucker for aesthetics. the only thing that would have made it better was if it was a miniature casserole. i heart mini food. it wasn't one of those clumpy broccoli is that cheese or pineapple right there casseroles. it was fresh and i trusted the source. as i'm eating said friend-made casserole, it is determined that said friend who made the friend-made casserole is not at the function because she has a stomach virus. dramatic pause. fork out of mouth. all of a sudden casserole not so tasty. but then i start thinking. what's that you said? friend has a stomach virus and is in bed for days, having lost four pounds? eureka. must. eat. more. casserole. i could stand to lose four pounds. i could certainly stand to stay in bed for days. i mean hours. or minutes. to me the stomach virus sounds like the hot new vaca. stay in bed. lose weight. perf. why haven't i thought of this before? hello tired delusionness (made up). stomach virus may also mean lots of bathroom and puke. which doesn't sound like a vacation. unless you're in cancun. and i'm too old for cancun. and i'm too tired for cancun. did i mention i was tired? 


Smooch said...

that casserole should have come with a warning label.

I thought viruses sounded awesome. Until I had it twice this winter. You lay in bed and can't even get up to puke, but hear two monkeys wreaking havoc in the next room.

CeCe said...

You know - I would've eaten the casserole anyway. Not just because I am fat and ok to admit that, but because if I didn't it would involve me having to make a choice about something else to eat. Even though there would be a lovely spread in front of me to choose from, I just loaded up my plate and I DID NOT have to cook it myself. And I am also tired, and making a choice other than the 43rd type of sunscreen to put on my kids is too much for me today.

lindsey said...

Funny I'm just now reading this after being home from work b/c of a stomach virus. I have to say, some of it sucks (yesterday afternoon was bad times), but today is just more about rest...not too shabby. I think I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Good news is I did lose the magic 4lbs you was only 3 as of this morning, but I must have picked it up a notch today. Oh and I actually took Z to day care because I though the germs would be better than those here at home. How crazy is that??