Friday, September 12, 2008

dear mom

dear mom,
i love you. i love your passion. i love your fire. i see it in R everyday. and, especially when reminded, i see it in me too. i love that you are a fighter. of course, you had no choice. you were dealt a hand early on that forced you to fight. and fight you did. you always taught me to fight. but to be kind. you taught me to give my best to everything i did. and when i was the best, to be humble. you taught me a love of nature. and nurture. you taught me to give. and that there is no better feeling in the world than being thoughtful. and giving thoughtfully. you showed me how to take care of people. especially those that could not take care of themselves. you taught me to treat all people well. and not burn bridges. you taught me to be careful. though i never really was. you taught me about commitment. and loyalty. and perseverance. you taught me how to be part of a team. a family. and that family was most important.

so when we disagree about politics i can see why you might feel disappointed, though you've never exactly said that. it must be perplexing. you raised me. you taught me. we have so many similar beliefs and values. and now that i am older. so many different ones. i think about it when i think about C and R. what if they grow up to think so differently than me? i know we'll have conversations that take me back to you. and how you must feel.

right now i am just ready for political season to be over. i am tired. which is not like me at all. or you. even when you get tired, you are still strong. i love your tenacity. i love your confidence in your beliefs. i love your sassiness which you had way before that level of sassiness was acceptable. i love your fight the power mentality. which conflicts every so often with your respect the power mentality. i love your kill them with kindness nature. which conflicts every so often with your if someone hits you, hit them back harder side.

people tell me i'm strong. i know that i am. because of you. so i don't get upset when we disagree about issues. i wouldn't want you to back down. you are passionate. and i am so glad. because i feel grateful to be passionate too. and i know exactly where it comes from.

love you,

sass. wonder where she gets it.

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RowdyGirls said...

soooooo sweet! really. could have written this for my mom, too. and love the sassy booty shot of R.