Saturday, September 20, 2008

oh patsy

sometimes my kids really tick me off. i'm not talking about when they whine. or throw their food. or run like hell in the other direction when i call their names. i mean who has delinquent children who behave in such a manner anyway? (not it). what i'm talking about here is probably something i need to take to a shrink. but i have neither the time nor the desire for a shrink. so my cute little blog community is the beneficiary. you. are. welcome. C and R mess with my stuff. well, it's their stuff. but it's their stuff that i've been working on. for example. i just picked up all 26 of those puzzle pieces and put them back into the appropriate places on the puzzle. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WATCHED ME PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AND NOW WANT TO DEMOLISH IT? for example. i just spent 9 seconds building the most stunning building ever to be built with cardboard tri-color blocks. i know. i've seen a lot of them. mine is very avant garde. i'm the frank lloyd wright of my time. hello kitty cannot believe her great fortune getting to live in this pad. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WATCHED ME BUILD IT AND NOW MUST DESTRUCT SAID BUILDING? for example. i just carefully aligned 16 books front-facing on the shelves (very montessori). WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FEEL COMPELLED TO RIP THEM FROM THEIR SHELVES AND JUMP ON THEM AND EAT THEM AND THEN VOMIT THEM UP AND RUB MY FACE IN THE VOMIT? ok. made that last part up. but only the last last part. but seriously. it's rude isn't it (them)? it's obsessive compulsive isn't it (me)? (do you hear patsy cline right now? or is it just me?) i know. i know. i like things to be tidy. and is it wrong to be proud of my handiwork? without nina-garcia-like critics coming in and trashing my accomplishments? "i just don't even have anything to say." shut up nina. you know you have something to say. and you know you'll squash some poor designer wannabe like R and C squash their poor mommy wannabe.
these structures only breathed life for 0 - 3 seconds. sniff.
(in case you're wondering...bribed the kids with "baby signing time" so i could photograph.
cra zy. crazy for feeling so lonely...).
hello kitty. off to build her own damn house.


Lynnie said...

I remember the days when my kids had actually never laid their eyes on a tower of blocks more than two blocks high. Every time anyone tried to put a third block on they'd swipe it away with look of pure glee in their eyes. I was starting to think they'd never be able to pass that part of the Kindergarten Assessment where the kid has to "build a tower of five blocks." Five blocks!!! Oh, the stress!

Jenny said...

First off, your block buildings were stunning. Really, it's like Art class all over again. I can just hear Ruth (to you)... "Oh, what beautiful symmetry and insightful use of color. True genius." To be followed up (to me) with "Ummm, well good try, keep working at it." Oh, talk about needing therapy!

But I digress. Have you attempted to make them assist in the clean up activities? You are fortunate that you have 4 hands in the mix and can create a competitive atmosphere by seeing who can pick up more (without YOU having to be the competition). Seeing as how I can hardly bend over to pick things up right now, this sounds particularly attractive to me. Oh, the benefits of twins... TWO super picker uppers! :) (And yes, I stole that line from Ming Ming.)

betty said...

jenny, first, thank you. i'm quite proud. second, we try to clean up. four hands do help but it also means more hands to proceed to take out all the stuff we just cleaned up in the process of cleaning up. i try to clean up the room we're in before we change locations. i think they're getting better and maybe school has helped. not sure. i can see you ordering one of those things (infomercial of course) that is a big handle graspy thing so you don't have to bend and can reach high things. lol.

Jenny said...

Oh B, you silly girl! You forget Aunt Janny is an OT... therefore I already have a "reachy, graspy" contraption. It proves useful for her patients and I, of course, benefit from this.

And yes, I identify with the process of making bigger mess while trying to clean up existing mess. Thought the twin competition thing might eliminate that temptation. Guess not. :(

I am gonna go pray, Ruth-style, about this for you. "Oh dear Goddddddddd..."

betty said...

ok thanks. remember to sigh 7 or 8 times during the prayer please.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I hope you keep evidence of these block masterpieces for when th etwins are older. Then you can tell them how you made them lovely buildings that they destroyed. I suggest bringing this up right around Mother's Day shopping season....