Saturday, September 27, 2008


i've got them. you know how when someone is gutsy we say "they've got balls?" or "that's ballsy?" well i'm gutsy. so i guess i've got balls...ballsy. but a few years ago my friend and i were discussing the sexism inherent is saying someone, particularly a woman someone, has got balls. why do we say that? like women are not strong, gutsy, bold, brave? so we brainstormed. a way to capture the gutsy and give the gutsy a female part association. because plenty of females are gutsy. and damnit we should have our own parts as a part of the gutsy. instead of needing male parts to indicate the gutsy. you know? so we came up with ovaries. but "they've got ovaries" didn't seem quite right. so we shortened it to "O's." "they've got O's." nice ring, no? so ever since, i've thought i had O's. then today happened. my precious R, tugged at the neckline of my shirt, and took a look down. she has done this before. she has also tugged at the waistline of my pants, to look at my bootie. and we know how that turned out. but today her glance down my shirt lingered. so i said "that's mommy's body?" as though i wasn't sure. but we have discussed this many times before. "balls," she said. so apparently i've got O's and balls. thankyouverymuch.


RowdyGirls said...

My nephew did this when he was about that age. He pronounced that my tatas were "elbows". 'Exactly, buddy, those are elbows. Now put your aunties shirt back in place and never ever tell anyone we spoke of this.'

CeCe said...

HA! Balls and O's. I think I was part of the O's conversation. I also learned that a work is "seminal" when it is ground breaking, but that is very male centered. If it is a work by a woman, it is ovaric.

betty said...

rowdy: you must have very perky elbows for him to make that association. ;)

cece: yes. you are to blame. i mean thank. ovaric! it's a new sensation!