Monday, September 8, 2008

what's a few bites?

one day last week C got bitten by a human at MDO. one day last week R got bitten by 10 mosquitos at MDO (or 1 mosquito bit her 10 times. or 5 mosquitos bit her 2 times each. you get the idea). all this biting. what is all this biting? C recovered quickly. didn't even cry. R didn't cry either but is recovering with hives. ew. at home there are no bites. no hives. two freaking days out of my hair, er home, and bites and hives! what have i done? it's not all bad though. at home i have never made paper bag puppets with cute noses and little eyes. it's hard to describe...there are so many things you look forward to. the standards: smiling, laughing, crawling, walking. things that you look forward to but when they happen they are better than you even expected. i have never been more excited than for the first school art. i mean i loved the smiling, laughing, crawling, walking business too. but oh the art. and it's better than i expected. we have done some crafty things at home. play dough. crayons. but i was so excited for the first school art that i superdorked and had the display area ready and waiting for magneted art. in a prominent area of our kitchen. in a place where the dog won't eat it. hopefully. and so last week when i picked C and R up and received two precious paper bag puppets, i had so much pride. we hung them up immediately. is it wrong to be ok with human and insect bites on my children's bodies as long as they are accompanied by outstanding school art?
i say...worth it.


Jennifer said...

aww, adorable. now who did created each mouse?

i want art!!

betty said...

jennifer: C on left, R on right. :)

RowdyGirls said...

too sweet! C & R are prodigies. And I'm sorry... did you say a "human" bite? nooooooooo!