Thursday, January 17, 2008

not just a runny nose

did you know that runny noses were the causes of such calamities as the depletion of the ozone layer, sinking of the titanic, and the cancellation of "my so called life" and "felicity" (why, WHY!?)? it is easy for me to understand, now seeing how runny noses affect our home environment.
it. is. ugly.
and i'm not just talking about watery snot gushing out of my beautiful babies' noses all day, constantly. and when i say noses, i mean their whole entire faces from the eyeballs down, continuing onto their necks and chests. their moods are ugly too. nothing can keep them happy. even food, which is usually a crowd pleaser. i tried pacifiers, i tried toys, i tried new books, i tried a stranger (only happy 30 minutes of their day today), i tried a video, i tried a snack (worked for 30 seconds until it was gone), i even sacrificed the dog for their enjoyment (only bought me 8 seconds). did i mention that food didn't even work? i gave up my delicious organic spinach pizza leftovers for their nourishment and they still complained through lunch. why do they hate me? why won't they nap for more than 90 minutes?

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