Tuesday, May 13, 2008

do blueberry waffles count as a fruit?

or maybe i should ask: can blueberry waffles count as a fruit? i need to know. i mean, there are actual blueberries in there. i can see them. not just blue food coloring. give me some credit, i realize that strawberry pop tarts do not count as a fruit. but what about when you can see actual pieces of real bon.a.fide fruit? i do love strawberry pop tarts though. ok what about zucchini bread counting as a vegetable? (first ingredient: sugar) zucchini is on the list though. somewhere.
they look exactly like this. except without the blueberries.


Smooch said...

5 a day. Doesn't matter what accompanies it. It counts.

betty said...

oh good. then i'm also counting fig newtons (fig newmans).

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but wanted to let you know, I love your writing style! I was reading it at work (employee of the month here I come) and was literally laughing outloud. My cube-neighbors now think I'm crazy.

betty said...

anonymous: that's my favorite topic to be off-topic with (narcissism anyone?). thanks!