Wednesday, May 28, 2008

shout out

i need to show some love for the diaper bag company that i referenced when i was so excited to pick up a new vice a la the diaper bag. turns out my fabulous croc bowler had some technical difficulties. and i was bummed. i have a hard time letting things go sometimes so i emailed someone via the website and grumbled (politely). turns out, they're replacing my bag with a different model (woo hoo) which shouldn't have the same issue. and i offered to send the old one back but they said no. just keep it. you know you can never have too many bags. you know i can never have too many bags. i'm kind of giddy about my new bag which is en route and they have been so helpful... A+ for customer service. and these days that's hard to find. good thing i didn't get the diaper bag at target. those bastards would need my left kidney in order to do an exchange and even then i'd need to exchange the bag and the kidney for something currently in stock in the store for equal or greater value (and pay the difference) and they would send out an all points bulletin and i'd land myself on a list somewhere so i could never ever make a return at any target nationwide. ever.
so here's the good company:
and here's my new bag:


iggee said...

very, very swanky bag. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Rocking bag!