Thursday, January 17, 2008

because hush little baby doesn't always cut it

i thought i would kick-off my mommy blogging detailing some of C and R's most favorite little ditties sung in our house.
sing along. you know you want to.

1. "baby with a bottle" in honor of christina aguilera's "genie in a bottle"
(i'm a baby with a bottle, gotta feed me the right way)

2. "now throw your bootie in the air and wave it like you just don't care" in honor of the sugar hill gang's "rapper's delight"
(a favorite during diaper changes)

3. "can't take my eyes off of you" in honor of lauryn hill's "can't take my eyes off of you." i know there were originals before her but i sound the most like her. that's what i've been told. by babies.
(i love you baby, and if it's quite alright i need you baby, to sleep all through the night)

4. "baby got back" in honor of sir mix-a-lot's "baby got back"
(i like big babies and i cannot lie, you other babies can't deny...)

5. "eat it" in honor (and i use this word lightly) of weird al yankovic's "eat it"
(just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, mommy won't be defeated)

6. "reese, reese baby" in honor (again, lightly) of vanilla ice's "ice, ice baby"
(alright stop, collaborate and listen, reese is back and she's on a mission...will she ever poop? yo. i don't know)

7. "my cole" in honor of the temptations "my girl"
here's a clue. all the words are the same except substitute "cole" for "girl." aw.

8. "my therese amour" in honor of stevie wonder's "my cherie amour" i'm glad that you are mine. aw.

9. "everybody poops" in honor of rem's "everybody hurts"
lot's of options with this one...plug in your favorite.
(everybody pees...sometimes, everybody eats...sometimes, everybody falls...sometimes, everybody cries...sometimes, everybody gets knocked in the head with a toy cell phone... sometimes, etc.)

10. "rebel rebel" in honor of david bowie's "rebel rebel"
really i just sing one line, when appropriate:
(rebel rebel your face is a mess)

11. and this one i'm not proud of
"don't cha" by the pussycat dolls
(don't cha wish your baby was cute like reese, don't cha wish your baby was smart like reese, don't cha)

12. "de do do do, de da da da" in honor of the police song of that very name.
(de do do do, de da da da is all i want to say to you.)
i like this one because i get to sing back to my kids what my kids are actually saying to me.

oh my gosh, i forgot one:
13. "i'll tumble 4 ya" (yes, that's how it is phrased/spelled. i looked it up. it was the 80's people) by culture club.
they just get the chorus on this one, which i know you know so i won't repeat it. we sing it to take the sting off of the tumbles that occur. a lot.

not to worry. we still maintain all the classic standards including:
jump, shake your bootie, jump, jump, shake your bootie
shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake your bootie
"talking about a revolution" by traci chapman, for which i do not alter the words because, let's face it, they're important.
(this is their favorite song of all time. they love it. especially the "whisper" part).


Jenny said...

Ok, officially crying. Part from the hilarity, part from the cuteness, part from totally identifying. Which is why we are bff. You are a good mommy, BJWT. One suggestion... you gotta add some Supersonic to the repertoire. Loves it.

cstewartfsu said...

perhaps it was all the ice waters we served during rush to the tune of "my girl" but clearly our boys are going to be tainted, if not scarred, by our new renditions of this ditty. try the tune as a rave as well as an always works. pum..pum,pum,pum,pum

Smooch said...


we do so much of the same. one of our faves - big pimpin' tune

big dumpers, D-U-M-P, yeah, we got big dumpers and they're stiiiinky.