Friday, January 18, 2008

when did i become tim gunn?

you know tim gunn. please tell me you know tim gunn from project runway. i love this show. it's one of my DVR regulars that i actually make the time to watch. "celebrity rehab"... maybe not making the cut, but project runway gets watched usually within 72 hours of the original broadcast date. so, tim gunn...he is the "mentor figure" to the competing designers and comes up with some true nuggets of counsel. all of a sudden i am tim gunn and my children are competing designers. my two favorite tim gunn ripoffs are "make it work" which usually gets stated when i witness frustration in progress or impending frustration, frequently regarding a toy or other inanimate object that is not responding quite the way R and C would like. "make it work" is useful and versatile. sometimes for added flair i use the full "make it work, people" so C and R know i am not talking to the dog. the other quote i use is when i begin a sentence with "i'm concerned..." like the designers' fates on project runway when these two words begin a sentence, whatever follows can never be good. for example, tim would say "i'm concerned about a couture post-office uniform." that means "your idea for a couture post-office uniform is abominable." i would say "i'm concerned about the placement of your mouth ON the garbage can." that means "get your mouth off the garbage can." i'll close with my most recent fav tim gunn quote, "it looks like a coffee filter or a maxi pad.'' hope i never have a use for that one.

i mean, doesn't he look concerned?

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Smooch said...

I just watched the latest PR during "nap-time". I've also been using "make it work" with hubby. Good idea to use it w/ twinlings too.