Saturday, January 19, 2008

developmental milestones

i have (i mean, WE have) reached a new developmental milestone and i could not be more excited! i realize developmental milestones generally refer to infants, not their mothers but this is as much my milestone as theirs. i can return to wearing hoop earrings! that's right! holding the heads up, that was great. rolling over, very important. walking, who doesn't think that is essential? mommy getting to put the studs away, we're talking bigtime. now the hoops are a little shiny if the light hits them just right and i don't want to jinx myself and say we are totally in the clear for some hoops grabbing but we have made major progress. i guess they're too busy for the moment "brushing" my teeth or jabbing my eyes. C can say "eyes" so he gets away with it and R pretended to brush her teeth with a bottle brush so i think she is a genius. in related news: i can now wear my hair down in their presence. no more pulling. hoops AND hair down?! who do i think i am?


Smooch said...

hilarious. just realized i met that milestone.

- wearing danglies today.

Jenny said...
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