Friday, January 25, 2008

if bret michaels was a one-year-old

my kids' only existing girl friends came over to play. they are adorable. they are delightful. but during this delightful play, a snippet of my future life flashed before me. C was enjoying his time in the ball pit with these two beautiful female creatures...a little too much maybe. we decided that the ball pit, at that moment, was C's version of a hot tub. it's like he was bret michaels except everyone had their clothes on and there was no alcohol. we are talking a bad baby reality television show waiting to happen. [editorial note: the lovely ladies who occupied the ball pit are in no way the kind of girls (and i use that term lightly) who end up on rock of love. much too classy.] i wish you could have seen the pure joy on this kid's face. the ball pit as hot tub theory was further proven when a foreign object (a bow) was later found in the ball pit and no one could identify it as their own. someone's lost swimsuit in the hot tub? i mean, someone's lost bow in the ball pit? it's the same thing. when said bow was discovered, C knew he was busted...has he been having ball pit parties late at night without our knowledge? until C talks, we will never know to whom that little red bow belongs. and he's pretty tight-lipped. on another note: i'm pretty sure C will not be like bret michaels. ever. although he does love his guitar lately. bret michaels is the kind of guy who wears t-shirts with a picture of himself on it. C would never do that.

same thing

that's bret michaels wearing, yes, a bret michaels t-shirt. cool.


Jenny said...

Pretty much love everything about this. Love the visual of Cole big pimpin in the ball pit with his hotties, love that no one knows where the mysterious red bow came from, love the pic of Bret Michael's sporting his own tshirt. The whole thing is heeeelarious. I wanna know who owns the bow if you find out. Josh is impressed (and I think a little jealous, if we're being honest). He has no femail companions, only a playgroup of 6 boys. To that he says "hmph! no fair!"

Jenny said...

Ok, did I seriously just spell female "femail"??? OMG, I am officially a moron since giving birth. Where is the edit option on this blog thing?? Mrs. Head-Lightbody would be horrified at the flagrant misspelling!

betty said...

yeah, but you used "flagrant" so that makes up for the mispelling. :)

Jenny said...

Yeah ok, I don't feel so bad now... seeing as how you spelled "misspelling" incorrectly. LOL. Another reason we are bff.

Smooch said...

I swear, today Lucy was saying "Cabo". I think Cole was talking up Spring Break in the ball pit.

Our bows stay TIED, thankyouverymuch.