Wednesday, January 23, 2008


time-out is all the rage. no one spanks. no one yells. you're bootie goes to time-out. it kind of reminds me of the old days before my time when you heard of kids getting put in the corner with a dunce cap. that sounds mean. but time-out is somehow seen as an "educational technique." i tried it once with R when she went for the dog's bowl for the 536th time (i counted...number 536 was the last straw). she got sent to her room at an early age. she did the scarlett o'hara throw her face dramatically to the floor. and peeked and paused briefly to see if i was still there. fit resumed. door closed. fit continued. door opened after 4 seconds (literally). fit continued because scarlett didn't notice the prison bars had been lifted. i don't think she fully got what "time-out" is. but it's ok. gus's bowls were safe for 4 seconds and that's what matters.
here's what no one speaks of...listen carefully. i mean, read carefully...
time-out is fab.u.lous.
i know. i put myself there last week.
it had been a rough day. with the tempestuous runny noses (see previous post). i needed peace. i needed quiet. i needed a time-out. so i announced to my spouse that i was in time-out. in my time-out i sat in front of the computer with a glass of wine. i've heard that's not generally recommended as part of the "educational technique" but it did teach me something. time-out's the way to go. i believe time-outs are supposed to be brief but i milked mine. i loved it. i even would have worn a dunce cap.

i hope this photo is from 1840, because public humiliation is so two centuries ago.


sherrisanders said...
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Childsplayx2 said...

Time out is supposed to be one minute for each year. I could get well over half-an-hour with this.

Hmmmm... I think you're onto something here.